Frequently Asked Questions

This site is 100% safe and clean from viruses. If your anti virus picks up any of the downloads as a “Trojan” or other type of virus, it’s a false positive. The reason anti-viruses pick up some files as a “virus” is because the downloads contain cracked .dll files which tricks steam into thinking you have purchased the game, so it’s able to run properly. Each file is checked carefully by me, and tested on my own computer to make sure it runs. I don’t have time or any reason to inject viruses into the games. There is absolutely no point. If you’re afraid of getting viruses, you don’t need to download off this site. From thousands of happy users downloading daily, people still keep coming back for more games, so that should answer your question.

From the beginning of crohasit up until mid 2018, most games are required to be installed on your own. To install a game you normally would just have to run the “setup” file, and follow the on-screen installation procedure. Recently, I decided this caused headaches for many people, so by pre-installing the games, you guys are able to download, and run the game with ease. It would be too much work going back on all the older games and putting pre-install versions on them.

Make sure to use Google Chrome when downloading from UploadHaven. It’s the best browser for downloading and works flawlessly. Internet explorer and Firefox might cause issues with UploadHaven. Make sure you NEVER pause the download and resume it otherwise your file can corrupt. Let it download all the way without disrupting it.

  • The most common reason is your anti virus deleted the cracked .dll file that makes the game run. Anti viruses are useless and should be disabled before you install or run the game otherwise it won’t work. Again, no downloads on this site have viruses. Anti-virus programs don’t even protect you and just gives you headaches when you want to download certain programs or games. I haven’t used an anti-virus program in years and never got infected. Another rare occasion is your windows defender deleted the .dll file too. So go inside your windows defender and restore the file (View screenshot here –
  • Another reason this can be happening is if your installer shows “CODEX” or “PLAZA” as the Logo, you have to click the option “Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir” (view screenshot –
  • If it’s not CODEX or PLAZA, but you see CPY as the name, you must manually copy the files inside the ‘crack’ folder to the folder you installed the game too.

Download this All-in-One Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime package and it should solve 90% of your problems –

You should also install DirectX –

Check for any _Redist or _CommonRedist folders and install any other programs that may be required. A lot of games have these folders so you can install the required programs.

If you done all this and it still doesn’t work.. then it’s your anti virus.. disable it.

You must right click and select “Run as administrator” when running each game so it can properly create a save path.

You need to update your GPU driver, and install all required programs. Check the “Why I am getting Missing .dll errors?” section and install the Visual C++ all-in-one package as well as DirectX. You should also update your windows to the latest version and look for a _Redist or _CommonRedist fodler and install all the programs in the folder.

Some games (very small %) were password locked in the past. I no longer password lock my .zip files. If you downloaded an older game and are asked for a password, it’s simply –

No, that’s too much work to go back and re-download and re-upload all the MEGA files to UploadHaven. If a game you want is MEGA only, let it download overnight and after a few hours, the bandwidth will reset and download your file. You can also opt for the torrent option.